Friday, August 7, 2009

Health Care Reform Homework

In efforts to educate myself I looked into the proposed bill...I suggest everyone consider it.


Item 4 Part C on page 59"enable electronic funds transfer, in order to allow automated reconciliation with the related health care payment and remittance advice"

Also See Item D on page 58 for eligibility of care based on financial responsibility

Now I have quite a headache, and I know you can't pull a few lines out of 1,018 page document - but I find it scary that these needles live in the haystack - and who decides how it is translated? I am trying to do my homework to make an informed decision, but man... this is not easy reading.

Here is an overview (someone else made the comments)
Pg 22 of the HC Bill MANDATES the Govt will audit books of ALL EMPLOYERS that self insure!!
Pg 30 Sec 123 of HC bill - THERE WILL BE A GOVT COMMITTEE that decides what treatments/benefits you get
Pg 29 lines 4-16 in the HC bill - YOUR HEALTHCARE IS RATIONED!!!
Pg 42 of HC Bill - The Health Choices Commissioner will choose your HC Benefits for you. You have no choice!
PG 50 Section 152 in HC bill - HC will be provided to ALL non US citizens, illegal or otherwise
Pg 58HC Bill - Govt will have real-time access 2 individs finances & a National ID Healthcard will be issued!
Pg 59 HC Bill lines 21-24 Govt will have direct access to you banks accountsts for electronic funds transfer
PG 65 Sec 164 is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions & community orgs (ACORN).
Pg 72 Lines 8-14 Govt is creating an HC Exchange to bring private HC plans under Govt control.
PG 84 Sec 203 HC bill - Govt mandates ALL benefit packages for private health care plans in the Exchange
PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill - Specs for of Benefit Levels for Plans = The Govt will ration your Healthcare!
PG 91 Lines 4-7 HC Bill - Govt mandates linguistic appropropriate services. Example - Translationfor illegal aliens
Pg 95 HC Bill Lines 8-18 The Govt will use groups i.e., ACORN & Americorps to sign up individuals for Govt HC plan
PG 85 Line 7 HC Bill - Specs of Benefit Levels for Plans. #AARP members - your Health care WILL be rationed
PG 102 Lines 12-18 HC Bill - Medicaid Eligible Individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid. No choice
pg 124 lines 24-25 HC No company can sue GOVT on price fixing. No "judicial review" against Govt Monopoly
pg 127 Lines 1-16 HC Bill - Doctors/ #AMA - The Govt will tell YOU what you can make.
Pg 145 Line 15-17 An Employer MUST automatiocally enroll employees into pubic option plan. NO CHOICE
Pg 126 Lines 22-25 Employers MUST pay for health care for part time employees AND their families.
Pg 149 Lines 16-24 ANY Employer with payroll of 400k & above who does not provide public option. pays 8% tax on all payroll
pg 150 Lines 9-13 Business payroll between 251k & 400k who doesn't provide public option pays 2-6% tax on all payroll
Pg 167 Lines 18-23 ANY individual who doesn't have acceptable health care according to Govt will be taxed 2.5% of income
Pg 170 Lines 1-3 HC Bill Any NON-RESIDENT Alien is exempt from individual taxes. (Americans will pay for their health care)
Pg 195 HC Bill -officers & employees of health care Administration (GOVT) will have access to ALL Americans financial/personal records
PG 203 Line 14-15 HC - "The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax" Yes, it says that
Pg 239 Line 14-24 HC Bill Govt will reduce physician services for Medicaid. Seniors, low income, poor affected
Pg 241 Line 6-8 HC Bill - Doctors, doesn't matter what specialty you have, you'll all be paid the same
PG 253 Line 10-18 Govt sets value of Dr's time, professional judgment, etc. Literally value of humans.
PG 265 Sec 1131 Govt mandates & controls productivity for private health care industries
PG 268 Sec 1141 Fed Govt regulates rental & purchase of power driven wheelchairs
PG 272 SEC. 1145. TREATMENT OF CERTAIN CANCER HOSPITALS - Cancer patients - welcome to rationing!
Page 280 Sec 1151 The Govt will penalize hospitals for what Govt deems preventable readmissions.
Pg 298 Lines 9-11 Drs, treat a patient during initial admission that results in a re-admission- Govt will penalize you.
Pg 317 L 13-20 PROHIBITION on ownership/investmen t. Govt tells Drs. what/how much they can own.
Pg 317-318 lines 21-25,1-3 PROHIBITION on expansion- Govt is mandating hospitals cannot expandpg 321 2-13 Hospitals have opportunity to apply for exception BUT community input required. Can u say ACORN?!!
Pg335 L 16-25 Pg 336-339 - Govt mandates establishment of outcome based measures. Health care the way they want. Rationing
Pg 341 Lines 3-9 Govt has authority to disqualify Medicare Adv. Plans, HMOs, etc. Forcing people into Govt plan
Pg 354 Sec 1177 - Govt will RESTRICT enrollment of special needs people!
Pg 379 Sec 1191 Govt creates more bureaucracy - Telehealth Advisory Committee. Can you say health care by phone?
PG 425 Lines 4-12 Govt mandates Advance Care Planning Consult. Think Senior Citizens end of life
Pg 425 Lines 17-19 Govt will instruct & consult regarding living wills, durable powers of attorney. Mandatory!
PG 425 Lines 22-25, 426 Lines 1-3 Govt provides approved list of end of life resources, guiding you in death
PG 427 Lines 15-24 Govt mandates program for orders for end of life. The Govt has a say in how your life ends
Pg 429 Lines 1-9 An "adv. care planning consult" will be used frequently as patients health deteriorates
PG 429 Lines 10-12 "adv. care consultation" may include an ORDER for end of life plans. AN ORDER from GOV
Pg 429 Lines 13-25 - The govt will specify which Doctors can write an end of life order.
PG 430 Lines 11-15 The Govt will decide what level of treatment u will have at end of life
Pg 469 - Community Based Home Medical Services=Non profit orgs. Hello, ACORN Medical Svcs here!!?
Page 472 Lines 14-17 PAYMENT TO COMMUNITY-BASED ORG. 1 monthly payment to a community-based org. Like ACORN?
PG 489 Sec 1308 The Govt will cover Marriage & Family therapy. Which means they will insert Govt into your marriagePg 494-498 Govt will cover Mental Health Services including defining, creating, rationing those services

UGH... I should delete all the Acorn references where this person is obviously not a fan... but he is military and defending our country with his physical life, so I'll leave it the way he wrote it.


  1. Ugh...

    What we need are fifty single-payer systems administered by the states, like the Canadians have. We don't let the federal department of energy dictate what sort of power generation a community can have... why are we going to let 535 career politicians in Washington dictate how our health system works?

    We have the tenth amendment for a reason!

  2. Yes mark, but most people don't know any of the amendments... except "the 5th" thanks to the movies....

  3. I haven't looked at the bill text yet, but I am wary of the list of comments on the bill that you posted. Although the list above is not specifically addressed, this web site is a good place to check out the legitimacy of claims made on the Internet:

    Their page on medicine and politics is here:

    Also, I noticed that the New York Times has a new blog called Prescriptions, that is tracking the health care debate "as it unfolds."

    I've only scanned it, but it looks *very* informative.

  4. p.s. does address at least one of the comments in your list...

    "PG 429 Lines 10-12 "adv. care consultation" may include an ORDER for end of life plans. AN ORDER from GOV"

    This is not true. "Advance care planning consultations" are not mandatory -- they would only happen if the patient chooses to have such a consultation and would cover topics such as living wills, health care proxies, end-of-life care options, hospices, etc. This part of the bill would add such consultations to the list of services that are covered by Medicare.

  5. yeah, into the bees nest. I was trying to wallow through some of this myself. I recommend actually reading the bill, at least the parts surrounding these quotes...then read the commentaries and decide for yourself who is telling the truth and who is lying. I wish people would keep it honest and without namecalling, but I have not yet found a single commentary without insults and namecalling...that commentary is pretty sad. Good luck and may the force be with you. :)

  6. Thanks Susan - that was one of the ones that didn't "get to me" because you know what? we all should have a plan - I've seen too many people stand around arguing over "what Mom would want" and wouldn't it be great if Mom had told someone? It's not death planning - it's suffering control.

  7. Thanks Teacup! HAHAH... we're not namecalling here... i don't think... yet anyway.

    I totally agree - read, inform, make an informed opinion and share if you can like a big kid. Leave your ball at home.

    I love discussing things because you just never know who is going to make you see something in a different light - but when it gets ugly - no one cares to THINK any longer - just react.