Friday, October 2, 2009

Moms Against....

Someone give me an acronym please.

I need to form a group against bullies in schools - against hazing, against teasing and outcasting. How do I go about this?

I was a victim of many - and I've heard I had a few moments on being the assailant as well. I don't really remember any of these. We, as humans, remember being the tormented, but not the tormentor. How convenient!

Either way - we've all seen it - and any of you head cheerleaders out there may see it otherwise - but let me tell you - GIRLS are horrific to each other in school - and I'm sure boys are no picnic. If you don't remember being teased or picked on - guess which side of the fence you were on? Yes, there are a precious few who balanced on that thin line in between - tell us your secrets...

So where do we go from here? As a parent - I'd like to teach my kids how NOT to be a bully - but how do I teach how not to be BULLIED? Shouldn't the parents of the bullies do that? Are they even aware that their children are bullies? Were THEY bullies and this is "normal" to them? think "oh jeez - they're just being kids.." No, they are being animals. What? You say it's a right of passage? Tell that to the kid sitting in the corner by herself in 3rd grade - yes, that would be me - who has grown up enough to understand but not forget.

There needs to be a forum for discussion between parents at local schools - and it should be mandatory that parents be involved to some degree.

My husband says people think I'm crazy when I talk to their kids after school and at the playground - why is that crazy? If I get to know them, isn't that creating a community? Isn't that what we need - a community? There aren't many of those left today - and this Mom is against that - are you?

It's time to take our kids back, be responsible and make them GOOD PEOPLE.

And please - lets get the cell phone companies to give us the option to get our children cell phones WITHOUT cameras! If I ever see a photo of my kid on the news with blurred out parts... gag... oh I think I was just sick....

Acronyms.... think of a few will ya?

How about MACE: Moms Against Community Erosion
Or MABA: Moms against Bully Abuse

Help me out!


  1. MABIS

    mothers against bullies in school

    it sounds like a bullies name actually. Better behave yourself, here comes MABIS.

  2. What about being 'for' something instead of against? Like 'Moms for Tolerence'?

    Your cousin Pat

  3. Maria, I guess I lost the original response. Let me see if I can try again. I recently read an article in magazine (wish I had saved it for you) In which the writer asknowedged that she had been a bully in school. She stated that she had felt guilty for a long time for being so mean and unfair but didn't quite know what to do about it. When she received an invitation to a class reunion, there it was. The name and info about this girl she bullied. She decided she would try to contact her which she did. When she told this girl (now a woman) how guilty and sorry she was about being a bully to her, the girl (woman) hardly remembred being bullied.She did accept the apology however, and the writer of this slept well that night.
    Sometimes, we create our own punishments for our misdeeds. Here, this editor felt guilt for years and tried hard to be a good person, hoping this would alleviate her guilt. Meanwhile, the bullied girl had pretty much forgotten the bullying. Sometimes, we create our
    own private hell. I'm not quite sure where I'm going with this, but I do believe that as long as there are people, we will have bullies and victims----

  4. Anonymous... I know who you are! (Mom)

    I do agree it will continue - it is human behavior no doubt - but the days are gone that the teasing stops with words and being tripped in the hallway. Today it goes much further and can scar much deeper. I suppose awareness, and some sort of an open ear on the parents side can make a dent in it - at least that is my hope.

    I know we can't protect our kids - but getting parents to TALK to their kids can't be a bad thing.

    ps - I know a woman who did just that - got up at the podium to apologise to her whole class for her bullying. Amazing right? Well, that same woman is a bully today - as an adult - I know this first hand, so did she learn? Did she grow? Or did she just want people to think differently about her for one evening?