Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Capitol Grille...

Today has been a whirlwind of discussions, thoughts, arguments and opinions on race, racism, and the like. Sparking my memory of crappy things....

It's been almost a year since my lovely Husband went out of his way to make surprise reservations at one of my favorite restaurants. Should I name names? Hell ya! it's a free country no?

The Capital Grille in Newton - oh sorry, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts.

I'm from Newton. I've been to this restaurant. The best steaks I've ever had. So my husband gets a sitter, puts me in the car, drives me to an early reservation, and we wait. Why wait? It doesn't make sense - they blew the surprise by calling to confirm the "surprise" reservations by leaving a voice mail "Mr. H, this is the Capital Grill calling to confirm your reservations". I got the message, he was pissed since he asked them NOT TO CALL THE HOUSE. Well, they did - no biggie - right?

So when we got there and they didn't know where to put us we were surprised. We had a reservation, they confirmed the reservation, and only two tables were seated.

After about ten minutes of whispering and scurrying around they sat us - in the back of the restaurant, by the kitchen and the meat locker, behind the solid full height wall at the bar where we couldn't be seen from the door, or seen by the diners who had the luxury of sitting in the main dining room. The waiter was nice - seemed like his first day - very nervous. The best part was it was a booth for about 6-8 people set for 4. They didn't even bother to clear the other 2 place settings. VERY romantic on our anniversary let me tell you.

Was it my breath? My un-lost post baby weight? Toilet paper on my shoe? Oh no.... must have been the black man I was with..... me thinks yes. Not wanting to make a scene I said nothing. My husband looked aggravated and as it turned out neither of us wanted to upset the other by pointing out the obvious. So we waited until that poor soul, our waiter spilled water all over my lap. Yes it was an accident, but it was the tiny straw that got us to say "should we leave?"

We got up, walked out, followed by the Manager who wanted to know if there was something wrong. My husband said nothing. She prodded again and I asked her why she would seat us in the back of an empty restaurant - then told her to take a good look at us, and ask herself the question again.

Apparently there is a separate dining area at the Capital Grille for interracial couples we were not informed of...

My anniversary is next month and I'm wondering if we should take TCG up on their offer for us to "come back for your next anniversary" on them. Ummmmm no. I think we will go where we ended up going, and where we should have gone in the first place - Dali. Where the sangria is yummy and the people are warm and friendly and it is always romantic - even if you are with a group of 20!

Just in case you would like to make reservations at The Capitol Grille - here is their link, but please, make sure you "fit in". This means you are a middle aged pasty white guy in your business attire followed by co workers or wives that are similarly colored and dressed.

However, if you want delicious food, great atmosphere, where you can be anybody at anytime and you are welcomed openly.... go to Dalhi - order the sangria - you won't regret it....


  1. Hello Maria! Love to hear you complain! :) I think it might be a black and male thing, but I don't have a black female I am not sure. So much to say on this topic.

    I have another friend, same situation, boyfriend is african american and they have encountered the same exact thing...who would have thunk it? HERE in the liberal NE? Yeah, here. Don't look next door, you never know what you will find. :)

  2. Yaa...its happened a couple of times to me and "K". One of the times was at a DENNYS in Ohio.

    We were on vacation and we waited over 1/2 hour for a waitress before we realized that people who came in after us were already eating. We left and found another Denny's 5 miles down the road, no problem.

    It was like a year or two after that I heard that they got sued for crap like that.

    Maybe with Obama in office things will inch a little further.

    Hang in there. ( [:-)

    "MR" from the southshore

  3. teacup - you SURE you love it???? I've got so much more! haha!

    And M - DENNY's? of all places... I know there is a girl at the McD's drive thru that is soooo nasty to me when G is in the car - and fine when he's not - I guess I'm just another white girl when I'm alone!

    It goes both ways sometimes.... and in the SAME TOWN!

    Apparently me and k have taken "all the good ones" ;-)