Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Hate Bush?

OK - so I was asked about my blog, realised I hadn't been blogging, so I have 10 minutes.... OK 7 - so here I go.

What the hell is up with everyone Hating on the Bush family? OK - so we aren't racing to Rushmore to carve out a huge "W" but recently I was involved in a brief conversation with some Liberal folk about the Kennedy Royals... uh... I mean family.

Now, I love the Kennedy's like any other people I have never met, and they did wonders for my hometown - but you know what? They aren't pristine people....

That said - the comment was about why Bush Senior wasn't at Ted Kennedy's funeral - and how horrible was that sending "W" as a rep of their family. And then the jokes about him sittin gnext to Hillary and poor Hillary.... How about POOR BOTH OF THEM having to sit next to each other and giving more things for people to waste their breath speaking about?

Well.... I said "maybe he's sick or something - the man IS old afterall" Now - I got ripped on about that - because he "should have been there".

Now I'm not tooting my own horn or anything but the news today said something about Bush having hip replacement surgery last Wednesday and how much pain he had been in.

Um - HELLO PEOPLE there's your answer.

And the worst part - no one is talking about it. Had it been the other way around, the Mayo clinic would have been surrounded by reporters and rows of flowers and well wishers for the Kennedy family - but if your name is Bush....

The man was our President and deserves respect - more than a Senator? You be the judge of that - all I'm sayin' is think about the reasons YOU haven't gone to a funeral - are they as good as a Hip replacement?

Glass Houses.

OK - my 7 minutes are up!

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